учет компьютеров на предприятии

Hardware Inspector

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Учет компьютеров
Программы для автоматизации работы ИТ-отдела и управления инфраструктурой компании
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Hardware Inspector Client/Server license policy

We provide a flexible licensing policy because we want our clients to gain maximum efficiency at minimum costs. Our options provide opportunities not only for large enterprises but small non-profit organizations as well.

Basic provisions

What is licensed?

Hardware Inspector Client/Server has a special licensing strategy: we provide licenses for concurrent connections to server.

If an organization has a complex structure, you can easily minimize your expenses by purchasing licenses of different types. For example, a branch office has only ten workstations and two ITs. It means you need a Lite type license for 2 connections, because the ITs work only with their workstations and do not need to see the assets in the whole organization. More over, the branch ITs can be denied the access to workplaces in the main office.

Our licensing policy doesn't permit concurrent access to the database by both Hardware Inspector and Hardware Inspector Client/Server. More over it is not recommended due to technical reasons.

Base licenses and subcription prolongation:

  1. New license (base). Base licenses determine the number of concurrent connections to server. License type also determines the number of workplaces with computers and peripherals a user can view and edit. A base license provides free subscription to download the new program versions in the course of a year after the purchase date.
  2. Updating (Prolonging subscription). You can prolong subscription for downloading new versions with 70% discount. Prolongation keys are dependant on base keys and fall into different types as well. They are attached to base keys and prolong their subscription date.

License types:

  1. Lite. Access to view and edit up to 15 workplaces.
  2. Standard. Access to view and edit up to 50 workplaces.
  3. Pro. Access to view and edit up to 200 workplaces.
  4. Elite. Access to view and edit up workplaces in database.


"Alpha, Ltd" (no affiliates)


1. In "Alpha, Ltd" there are 120 workstations, and one IT department. The company is located in one building and has a local area network.
2. Four people can work with the database simultaneously (IT department manager, a shift technician, a shift programmer and an accountant).

3. The server is accessed via Fast Ethernet.

Licenses required:

The company needs a Pro license for 4 connections (up to 200 workstations). (4 "Pro" licenses for "Hardware Inspector Server").

"Beta, Inc" (main  office and 3 affiliates)


1. In "Beta, Inc" there are 1000 computers, four IT departments (one per each division). Branches are located in different cities.
2. The database can be simultaneously accessed by 3 people in each branch office and 4 people in the main office.
3. Branches have 30 workstations each, the rest are in the main office.
4. The server is accessed via Fast Ethernet in the main office and via the internet on DSL channel.
5. Branch users should have access to their workplaces only, but not to the main office. Main office users must access to all the database. 

Licenses required:

The company needs 12 "Standard" type licences (3 affiliates with 4 users in each) which allow to work with 50 workstations maximum. (12 "Standard" licenses for "Hardware Inspector Server") и 4 "Elite" type licenses (for the main office users), with no limitation to the number of workplaces (4 "Elite" for "Hardware Inspector Server").