учет компьютеров на предприятии

Hardware Inspector

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Учет компьютеров
Программы для автоматизации работы ИТ-отдела и управления инфраструктурой компании
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Hardware Inspector licensing policy

We provide flexible licensing policy because we want our clients gain maximum efficiency at minimum costs. Our options provide various oppurtunities not only for large enterprises but small nonprofit organizations as well.

Price factors:

  1. Number of computers in organizations. There are 4 license types: Lite, Standard, Pro и Elite for different number of inventoried computers. At any time you can upgrade your license by paying the price difference.
  2. Two subscription options: one year and permanent (VIP). One year subscription allows to update program version in the course of a year after the purchase date. Permanent (VIP) subscription means that you can download all future program versions without restrictions. You can prolong your subscription or upgrade to the permanent subscription at any time.

Extracts from the license agreement

  1. You may use the program in your organization on any number of computers within a building (a group of building located in one area). In case your organization has branchs you need to purchase separate licenses for each of them.
  2. You may not pass the registration key or the registered program copy to any third party.

    Violation of our license agreement shall result in canceling the subscription of such user.