учет компьютеров на предприятии

Hardware Inspector

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Учет компьютеров
Программы для автоматизации работы ИТ-отдела и управления инфраструктурой компании
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Price list for registered users

Prolonging subscription to download new versions Upgrading lisense type
Prolongation options License Type Price
One year subscription Lite $54
Standard $99
Pro $149
Elite $249
Lifelong subscription (VIP) Lite $100
Standard $200
Pro $300
Elite $500
License Type Upgrade options Price
Lite Standard $100
Pro $200
Elite $400
Standard Pro $100
Elite $300
Pro Elite $200
Lite VIP Standard VIP $200
Pro VIP $400
Elite VIP $800
Standard VIP Pro VIP $200
Elite VIP $600
Pro VIP Elite VIP $400
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Subscription options for downloading new versions

Two subscriptions options are available: one year and VIP.

  • One year means that you can download new program versions in the course of the year after the purchase. After the one year you can either continue working with the latest version your subcription allows, or prolong it, or uprade it for the VIP type. If you lose your setup after your subscription is over, we will provide a link for the program version your subscription allows.
  • VIP license is one time payment for all future versions. It is the best option if you like the program and our tech support, because we constantly develop it.