учет компьютеров на предприятии

Hardware Inspector

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Учет компьютеров
Программы для автоматизации работы ИТ-отдела и управления инфраструктурой компании
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Hardware Inspector Service Desk Licensing Policy

In order to care about the convenience and minimizing the cost of our customers, we practice a flexible pricing policy licensing program Hardware Inspector Service Desk.

It must be emphasized that the application Hardware Inspector Service Desk can not properly function without application Hardware Inspector or Hardware Inspector Client/Server, as directories, database references for work performed, reports are generated in them.

Actually, it is assumed that through the web interface, implemented through Hardware Inspector Service Desk, end users will work, and technical support staff processing applications preferably lead in Hardware Inspector or Hardware Inspector Client/Server.

Factors that affect the price of the program:

  1. Number of authenticating users. There are three types of licenses: 50, 200, and an unlimited number of users who can authenticate via the web interface.
  2. The new license or upgrade software versions. The new license includes 1 year subscription for free updates software versions. At any time, you can renew it for another year by paying 30% of the cost of a new license.
  3. Users are actively involved in the testing program, receive significant discounts on subscription renewal.

Trial Version Limitations

Demo version of Hardware Inspector Service Desk has the following limitations:

  1. In the login form is displayed no more than 20 members. That is only 20 users can log in to the web interface to work with your applications.
  2. The list of applications is displayed no more than 20 applications.

Excerpts of the license agreement

  1. One license grants the right to operate the program on a single server.
  2. Not transfer the registration key, the full distribution or a registered copy of the program to third parties.
  3. Violation of these items denies the right of a free upgrade version.